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Artist Saype reveals “Encordés,” his new ephemeral work painted on the snow-covered slopes of the French Alps for the 20th anniversary of the Paradiski ski area.

The French artist, known for his monumental frescoes found around the world, unveiled this new ephemeral piece painted directly on the snow at over 2,000 meters altitude in the mountains of the Paradiski ski area (Savoie-France). The work, titled “Encordés,” consists of two creations, made with 100% natural and eco-friendly charcoal paint. Each of the two frescoes covers an area of 1,000 m².

In the artwork “Encordés,” two children combine their efforts to scale a mountain and pave the way forward. Bound together, these two central figures are required to work in unison. Neither can progress without the other. Their strength is complementary as they join hands to conquer the impossible. The snowy mountains, with their majestic and magical landscapes, form a striking contrast to the setting these young adventurers find themselves in. Mirroring the unity of these children, Paradiski has linked two valleys and resorts; once distant, and now brought closer together.

Saype describes the creation of his artwork:

“What inspired me in this Paradiski project was the connection between these stations via this incredible cable car and the decision of the local people to live, collaborate, and work together within the same ski area for 20 years. The mountain inspires me; it is both a beautiful postcard and a potentially hostile high-altitude environment, especially for creating my ephemeral artwork. For logistics and execution, we faced numerous challenges (weather, wind, cold...). In my artistic expression, the purity of childhood is a recurrent motif, serving to impart a layer of poetic depth. By drawing this roped pair of children, I wanted to show that working together and trusting each other, is essential to move forward and overcome the challenges we face. A significant part of my work involves connecting people, and the project proposed by Paradiski for its 20th anniversary resonates with my work.”

From Paradiski's perspective, Saype's artistic choice was a natural fit, as his frescoes are meaningful and tell beautiful stories that have the power to unite. His approach using eco-friendly paint (chalk and charcoal-based) and his conception of art, aimed at impacting mindsets and society without impacting nature, was compelling. This approach resonates even more in the mountain environment, where climate changes are felt very tangibly.

Starting December 20, skiers will discover the photo making-of of the two works in the Vanoise Express cable car stations, located in Montchavin-Les-Coches and Peisey-Vallandry.