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What if, for once, the traditional start to a fairytale was conjugated in the future tense?!
This mini “visitors’ book” allows you to discover the main points of our Press Kit for winter 2022/23, an online document that is resolutely focused on the future and the challenges that lie ahead.

Only available online,
no print or PDF version.

"Once upon a time"…the quintessential way to begin a story and plunge the reader into a fairytale world. 

With a similar title, "Once upon a summer time", La Plagne’s summer press kit will deliver its share of news and heartwarming stories (alas, no princesses or dragons here, but lots of happy endings, we promise!). 

An online dossier strongly inspired by the "book" theme, which leaves plenty of space for reverie. We hope it will find a place on your "digital" bookshelf!