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The ski area and the climate issues

Nicolas Provendie, the general manager of the Société d'Aménagement de La Plagne

Research studies on our mountain area

Taking stock, in every way

As the world’s no. 1 winter sports resort*, we have a huge responsibility, but before taking action, it is crucial to understand what is at stake with all the necessary hindsight, sharing of experience and humility. * 2,436,150 ski days sold over the winter season 21-22

Giving things meaning and setting the course

CSR report, carbon footprint & snow monitoring

Ce sont deux démarches complémentaires qui se veulent des "photographies" de l'existant. Des supports fondateurs pour fixer le cap et décider des actions qui impacteront l'avenir de La Plagne et la préservation de ses écosystèmes naturel, économique et social.

CSR* resort report

*Corporate Social Responsibility

GHG balance at the territorial level
  •  Drawn up by Poprock agency which has accompanied La Plagne on these subjects for several months 
  • Objective: to identify and promote the virtuous actions already in place that concern the mountain environment, tourism, buildings and local life
  • Publication scheduled: November 2022
  • Carried out by UTOPIES© agency
  • Execution: calculation of the carbon footprint and co-construction of a climate action plan and reduction trajectory for the world’s largest resort
  •  Publication scheduled: winter 2022/2023

En route for the Flocon Vert label

We have initiated this process with the Mountain Riders association which delivers the label. A total of 20 criteria are validated on four main themes:

- governance and destination

- local economy

- social and cultural

- natural resources & ecology

More clarity for holidaymakers. The label also offers customers a clear vision of the responsible mountain destinations.

A new era off the glacier

After taking note of the evidence of climate change on its glacier and, proud as it is of the part of its ski area that is 3250 m above sea level, La Plagne has had to resign itself to envisaging the future differently. The redevelopment aims to leave the zone of permafrost of the glacier and move the gondola arrival station to another high-altitude peak (3 060 m), situated further south. The goal is to offer an easier long-term access to this sector from the winter season 2023-24, with a 360° panoramic view in both summer and winter.

The benefits of this move:

- a rehabilitated glacier, with all the installations dismantled within 3 years
- easier to keep the lift open when there is heavy snowfall
- panoramic view of the Vanoise glaciers
- accessibility for skiers and the possibility for everyone to test the experience of being at 3000 m in winter and summer

In concrete terms:
- 1 lift instead of 4
- 9 hectares less of ski runs
- 35 pylons and poles taken down
- 630 m of ski lift cables removed
- 1 800 m of electric cables removed
- 9 buildings taken down
- 606 m² of built surface area

An ambitious project
This approach is part of a project to develop the line all the way from Plagne Bellecôte to the glacier by 2025. The next step is currently under study with a new gondola up to Roche de Mio (to be commissioned in December 2025).

Presentation of the new télécabine des Glaciers project